Travel Guide & Travel Tips for Students


Travel Guide & Travel Tips for Students


Most students get last minute jitters before travelling. You are definitely going to be a bundle of nerves. If you are travelling alone here are some last minute tips that could help you. First of all make sure you reach the airport at least three hours in advance for the check in.

In case you have a connecting flight, ask if your bags will go directly to your destination or if you would have to check your luggage in again at the transit airport. Make sure that each bag is properly labelled with your name and college address in case your bags are misplaced.

Try and carry a bag that you can easily identify. Avoid the regular black and blue suitcases as most people have those. Make sure to use number locks rather than key locks as there is always a chance of misplacing your keys. Keep Xerox copies of your passport and other documents in your suit case.Travel Guide & Travel Tips for StudentsTravel Guide & Travel Tips for Students

You are allowed to carry a hand bag that weighs not more than eight kilos. Make sure to carry your passport, traveller’s cheques and other important papers like your mark sheet and a few certificates and most importantly your college acceptance letter in your hand luggage.

You will need to fill an immigration form at the airport so make sure you carry a pen. Carry a small diary with you that contain details of your passport and visa numbers and also any phone numbers of acquaintances that you may know.Travel Guide & Travel Tips for Students

Even though you are allowed eight kilos in your hand, try and carry only a small pouch so that you have fewer things to look after. There is not much to carry other than a few documents.

Carry some small change with you just in case you need to make calls from the airport. Even if you are early continue with your immigration and sit in the lounge.

Never leave your luggage unattended or with someone else even if you need to go to the washroom. Try and keep to yourself and do not agree to even take care of anybody else’s belongings.


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