Turkey Travel Information and Travel Guide & Places To See In Turkey

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Turkey Travel Information and Travel Guide & Places To See In Turkey


Touring Turkey will definitely prove to be a memorable experience for one and all. It is here that the western world gives way to the exotic Middle East and the country is situated at the cross roads of the two continents, Asia and Europe. Not only the geographically, but historically too, Turkey has witnessed the rise and fall of many great civilizations and remains the eternal mystery even today.

If you are the adventurous type with no obvious patience for the relics of yesteryear’s, Turkey will not disappoint you either. The long and beautiful coastline will make you gasp in wondrous surprise as you take in the pristine blue of the Aegean Sea with its rocky beaches and abundant groves of olives.

The historical city of Istanbul is a one of the most interesting places to see  when you are in Turkey. The famous Blue Mosque is situated here itself and its many minarets are quite capable of taking you back in time, to the period when this beautiful city was known as Byzantine or Constantinople.

The Topkapi Palace is yet another landmark that will make you gasp in sheer disbelief as you take in the lifestyles of the sultans. The Roman Hippodrome and the architectural marvel of Haiga are other sights worth seeing in Turkey.

Apart from the Agean Sea, the coastline alone the Mediterranean will enable you to spend many a sunny day, lost in the beauty of nature. Taking a cruise along it, in a wooden boat will help you to revive the adventurer in you. You can laze on the beaches or bathe in the crystal clear water apart from  going on a long walk.

Honeymooning couples can book a tour package for themselves and enjoy every moment of their togetherness amidst the nature and awe inspiring history of this magical land.

The old city of Ephesus contains some of the finest examples of Greco Roman architecture along with the house of Virgin Mary. The natural beauty at the Cappadocia will also bring you face to face with the formation of the volcanic rock at the Red and Rose Valleys.

However, your tour will not be complete unless you take the world renowned Bosphorous cruise and weave your way through the narrow paths of the Spice Market catching a distinct whiff of the middle ages as you finally end your tour.

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