Turtle Island Vacations And Tourism


Turtle Island Vacations And Tourism


Pristine blue waters, lush greenery, endless stretches of beautiful beaches and complete privacy – if this is the kind of place you are searching for, head towards the Turtle Island. Located in Fiji, this island can be truly considered to be paradise on earth. Whether it is a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon for the newly weds or the ideal adventure destination, Turtle Island will mesmerize you with all you would wish to see and do.

Ancient volcanic eruptions led to the formation of the Turtle Island which is now considered to be an exotic travel destination. Initially, the islands were mere landmasses that were devoid of plants and human habitation. But, the efforts of one man, Richard Evanson, blew new life into this barren land. He owned this island and transformed it completely with the help of the locals. Gradually the scenic beauty of the place attracted a lot of visitors and thus, began the story of this exquisite island destination.

From the moment you step into the island, your journey into a memorable vacation begins. The Client Managers are extremely efficient in meticulously planning and executing whatever the guests demand. Moreover, with only 28 guests allowed at the island at once, nobody can complaint about overcrowding. In order to ensure that every guest on the island is receiving special treatment, exclusive ‘Bure Mama’ or personal liaisons are appointed for the guests.

Honeymooner’s paradise

Since the Turtle Island is known to provide the best of privacy at a remote location, it is no less than a Honeymooner’s paradise. Newly weds travelling to this place will be pleasantly surprised with the wonderful amenities offered by the island resort. The secluded cottages in the midst of nature are perfect places for starting off your married life on a good note. After all, it is your honeymoon and you wish to make it absolutely perfect. This is a place where you’ll be surprised to discover that romantic side of your personality. With your newly wed wife or husband by your side, you are sure to feel that surge of excitement and love. And to enjoy this perfect moment, you can set out for a walk on the beach, hand in hand.

Finally, when you wish to relax, take to the sea and enjoy a bit of swimming or lazily float around in the water, and yes, just the two of you can enjoy all of it without anybody sneaking around. You can also wander around the island on your own, gliding through the trees or enjoy snorkelling. The evenings are even better when the two of you can soak in the lovely breeze under the starry skies and enjoy a perfect dinner by the beach. The resort is ready to organize meals according to your preferences. So, if you prefer absolute privacy, it will be served at your room or just in front of your cottage. However, if you want to socialize and catch up with the other guests at the island, you are welcome to join them at the common dinner table.

Perfect for family vacations

Turtle Island, though a wonderful romantic getaway, is also perfect for family vacations. Sometimes you must be wondering that you could get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life and rest peacefully in the abode of nature. This island resort is perfect for such vacations where you can enjoy a brilliant holiday at your own private island with the entire family. However, the island is not open to families throughout the year. Certain designated periods are marked for family holidays when the whole family can enjoy an exquisite vacation. In order to provide parents seclusion, privacy and tension free days, Nannies and dedicated liaison are offered to the children.

As the children enjoy swimming, fishing, sports and games, the elders too can have a gala time exploring the island.  For those, who wish to soak in the beauty of the island with near and dear ones, the entire island, consisting of 14 beaches can be rented for seven days. And when you do rent out the entire island, you can be rest assured of the best services on offer. Accommodation in world class villas and cottages, meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, beverages and picnics, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, sailing, mountain biking and hiking are some of the facilities that can be enjoyed here. Apart from these, special arrangements are also made for the children.

Accommodation at the Turtle Island

When you reach Turtle Island, you can rest assure about the quality of service on offer. There are only 14 private villas in the island and each occupies 2 guests. These villas are locally called Bures and have big, spacious, open and airy rooms that would greet you with its beauty and elegance. The décor boasts of a lovely combination of modern and contemporary design and style. The use of wood is quite remarkable and the woody feel is found everywhere ranging from the four poster bed to the floors, walls, cabinets and even the thatched roof.

These eco-friendly rooms are equipped with amenities such as hot tub, walk-in double shower, bars, music players, beauty products, huge veranda and writing desks. If you want to enjoy something truly exotic on this amazing island resort, you need to book yourself at the Vonu Point which is the best cottage or Bure at the island. This is just the perfect place for enjoying the beauty of the island. It is equipped with a private garden and beach that allows guests to leisurely enjoy their holidays in the midst of the blue lagoons stretching around the island.

Other activities at the Island

Turtle Island Vacations And Tourism

The Turtle Island is often chosen as a grand wedding destination. It is not only considered to be an extremely romantic place, many believe that it is the best place to start their new life. Therefore, extraordinary beach weddings are also planned here. Hawaii was always known for its massages and if you are at the Turtle Island, you should never miss out on the traditional massages offered here. It is relieving and at the same time has healing properties that are sure to make you feel absolutely rejuvenated.

Thus, a visit to Turtle Island can be one of those once in a lifetime journeys that will be treasured.


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