TV Scenes That Scared Their Actors Senseless


TV Scenes That Scared Their Actors Senseless


Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Meredith Grey has come through multiple life-endangering moments, including nearly drowning, being held at gunpoint, and surviving an airplane crash, followed by several days of being trapped in the wilderness. But one of her most memorable near-death experiences came in season two, when Grey was nearly blown up by a bomb that had been stuck inside a patient. Actress Ellen Pompeo remembers it well, too.

For the explosion scene, a stunt double was strapped into a cable that jerked her backwards down a corridor. According to Entertainment Weekly, on the first take, she whacked her head on the floor and got a concussion. Peter Horton, who was directing the episode, wanted more shots, so he asked an already exhausted Pompeo to step in. 

There was a huge fight, where Pompeo told Horton, "A f***ing professional stuntwoman just gave herself a concussion doing it. ... Now you want me to try it?" In the end, Pompeo relented, although she claimed they used the first take anyway. However, Horton insists they did use footage with the actress, adding, "We never would have put her in jeopardy. We pulled her much slower than we pulled the stunt double."



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