Vacation & Attractions in Granada

Vacation & Attractions in Granada


If you are looking for some great old world charm places in Central America, then there is no way that you can miss out on Granada. This city was founded and colonised by the Spanish people sometime in the mid-16th century, and the influence of that can be very well seen in the architecture of the various buildings and monuments in the city. Geographically, Granada is located right at the edge of Lake Nicaragua, and at the foot of the famous Mobacho Volcano.

The Central Park in Granada is surrounded by a lot of old colonial buildings, and makes the perfect place for you to start exploring the place. Convento San Francisco Museum is a must visit. It will give you a great insight into the life of the people in Granada, and the city itself.

Churches and other colonial buildings are in plenty in Granada. And because the city is so small, you can actually visit all the marvels on foot in a walking expedition. Do not miss out on the Le Merced Church. From the top of this wonderful building, you can get a full view of the city, including the lake and the volcano.

What will definitely catch your attention in Granada are the wonderful horse-driven carriages, which happened to be the primary mode of transportation in colonised Granada, but exist today well. In terms of food, you should definitely stop at The Mediterraneo, which is the best restaurant in town offering wonderful Nicaraguan delicacies, followed closely by Dona’s Restaurant that has great Mediterranean food.

Nightlife is great in Granada with the city being host to a number of pubs and bars that offer nonstop dancing at great American and Latin music. The city is extremely vibrant in the night, and will add a different charm to your visit there.

Vacation & Attractions in Granada

Finding a hotel in Granada should not be a problem because of the fast developing hospitality scenario there. Many new hotels and different kinds of accommodation facilities are coming up, and hence, you are sure to find something that suits well within your budget, and offers great comfort to you.

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