Valdez Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


Valdez Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


If you and your spouse are looking for a place which has a spectacular view of the mountains and glaciers; or perhaps just want to spend some leisurely time by the fireplace, Valdez is just right for you.Valdez Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions

Valdez, in Alaska, is located just 304 miles from the Anchorage at the top of a fjord, and is a land of many snowfalls. Those who love winter will fall in love with this place. With activities such as hiking, skiing, rafting, fishing or even sea kayaking, you will not miss out on anything worth enjoying and spending quality time together

While taking a cruise of Prince William Sound, you can enjoy the breath-taking view of the surrounding areas that includes Columbia and Meares Glaciers. These cruises range from an hour to a whole day and they offer short breaks for lunch at a nearby island where you can enjoy local sea food.

Valdez Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions

For those addicted to camping, the Blueberry Lake State Recreation Site offers fishing, giving you a glance of King, Pink and Silver Salmon. Next, just a short 15 miles away is the downtown Kaystone Canyon. It is supposed to be America’s most beautiful and scenic highways. While on the way, you will come across some lovely waterfalls of North America such as Horsetail falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

Also be sure not to miss the Worthington glacier or Columbia glacier, a river of ice, stretching 41 miles and merging with waters of Prince William Sound. While driving on the 6 mile drive along Mineral Creek Road, you can enjoy the view of the old mining sites overflowing with wildflowers and berries and large group of waterfalls. Besides, you can also go hiking on the ¾ mile trail  at the end of Mineral Creek and reach the old mining stamp mill.

The Trans Alaska Pipeline Terminus, situated at the end of Alaska Pipeline will give you an insight into the history of the region and information on how it protects the environment and all its other operations. So, if you think to bring some changes in your lives, or want to add zing to your lives, then Valdez, as a very romantic place, welcomes you.


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