Varna Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions

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Varna Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


Varna is a beautiful city and a tourist magnet, located on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. It is also a popular sea resort and its beaches and resorts are world famous. Varna is a city rich in ancient history. There are several popular tourist destinations within Varna.

There are several famous prehistoric settlements to be found here dating from over 100,000 years ago. There have been several artifacts discovered in Varna.

In more recent but still ancient times Varna was included in the ancient region of Thrace. A colony called Odessos was set up for trading purposes by the Miletians. The remains and ruins of this ancient Milesian colony are still seen today.

There are many museums worth visiting in Varna. The most important and popular of these is the Varna Archaeological museum, which is situated in a historical building, and is built in the neo-renaissance style.

It exhibits numerous artifacts from the prehistoric, Thracian, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, medieval Bulgarian, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Rule, and Bulgarian National Revival periods. The oldest golden treasure in the world is housed here- the Gold of Varna (4600-4200BC).

The Museum also maintains the outdoor exhibits of the Roman Baths complex, and the medieval grotto of the Aladzha Monastery. The Aladzha Monastery is a cave monastery near the Golden Sands Nature Park, which features some interesting mosaics, murals, stone tombs and catacombs.

Another place of interest is the Sea Garden in Varna. It is the largest and oldest park in Bulgaria. The Sea Garden houses the Varna Aquarium, which features mostly Black Sea species, but also other species as well.

There is a stuffed species exhibit, and there is a research centre and library housed within the aquarium. There are several fountains and monuments within the Sea Garden.

The Sea Garden also houses a casino, the Varna Zoo, a Dolphinarium, an Observatory and Planetarium, the Alley of Cosmonauts, an open-air theatre, children’s amusement park, etc.

Other places worth visiting in Varna include the Naval Museum, which houses a museum ship, the beach clubs, beaches, spas, the Varna Necropolis (an important ancient burial site), Theotokas Panagia, The Dormition Theotokas Cathedral, St.Petka Parashkeva, and more.

Recreational activities include clubbing, boating, visiting amusement parks, bungee jumping off the Asparuhov Most Bridge, etc. There are also several festivals held in Varna.


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