Victoria Sandwich Recipes


Victoria Sandwich Recipes


Flavoring Ingredients (any one)Victoria Sandwich Recipes

Lemon              6 drops of lemon extract and grated peel of one lemon
Chocolate        3 tbsp cocoa mixed with milk to make a stiff paste
Coffee                 1 tbsp instant coffee mixed with 1 tbsp boiling water

Cake Ingredients

Eggs                        2 pc
Butter                     ½ cup
Sugar                       ½ cup
Flour                       1 cup and 2 tbsp
Baking powder    2 tsp

Frosting Ingredients

Powdered sugar    1 ½ cup
Margarine                 4 tbsp

Flavoring ingredient for frosting (any one)

Lemon 6 drops lemon extract mixed with lemon juice and grated peel of ½ lemon
Chocolate 1 ½ tbsp cocoa sifted with powdered sugar and mixed with little water
Coffee I tsp instant coffee mixed with hot water


Mix the flavoring in a cup and set aside. Take a medium bowl and beat the eggs with an electric mixer till it is frothy in consistency. Take another large bowl and beat butter/margarine and sugar until it is light. Add a little egg and continue to beat. Now add a little flour and baking powder mixture. Continue to beat.

During this time preheat the oven to 375 F. Add flavoring to batter and beat well. Take two 7 – inch cake pans. Grease and lightly flour the sides and bottom of these cake pans. Place equal amount of cake mixture into each of these pans and spread evenly. The center should be a little lower than the sides as the center tends to raise more.

The cakes should be placed in the middle or upper part of the oven for a full 20 min or till the edges comes away from the pans. Remove them from the oven and then let it cool for 10 min or so. You must wait for the cakes to cool completely naturally. There is no need to cool it with the help of a fan or something.

Now beat sugar and margarine together with an electric mixer until it becomes completely smooth. Now add the flavoring of your choice and the sugar margarine mixture. Remember, if you are keen on chocolate frosting then you should have already mixed the sugar into the flavoring. Then beat flavoring and margarine together. In order to assemble the cake, place one cake bottom side up on a serving plate and spread the top with half the frosting. The other cake should be placed right – side up on top and then press gently. Now spread the top with remaining frosting.


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