Warung Beach Club


Warung Beach Club


The simple meaning of word Warung speaks for it hence needs no description. Warung comes from the native language of Brazil and means “Home”. Warung, Brazil in fact is decorated using their native theme of Bali Island as its backdrop. To believe in the charisma this club and its atmosphere have on people around, it is advised to visit this place during summer when the fun and enjoyment level touches new heights.Warung Beach Club

Brazil is known across the globe for its amazing carnivals. People look forward to the events and festivals taking place through out the year. Not just feasts and festivities attract people towards Brazil, but its own cities and towns and their charm is also responsible for making Brazil as buzzing a travel option when it comes to holidaying. Cities like Rio and Warung are just apt examples to showcase the spirit of an ordinary Brazilian.

As Rio de Janeiro is known for its most amazing carnivals taking place, Warung is the place that’s represents nightlife and its best shades. It is the best option for partying when in south of Brazil because of its impressive lineup of DJs as they are popular for making people move to their tunes. A person visiting Warung, Brazil will support the fact that ambience around and people of Brazil give this beach club another dimension.

Warung beach club is in the heart of such scenic beauty that it could give the real paradise, if it is present, a run for its money. It is situated at the shore of Praia Brava with the scenic view of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Such rare combination of nature and music ensures a fantastic time. Warung, Brazil is a must visit destination. It unique geographical advantage helps in building the appropriate environment where a person can have a memorable experience.

This place is known for its two stages; located indoor as well as outdoors. The main stage of this club is inside with two VIP areas while the other stage is in outdoors to cater to the varying tastes of clubbers each year. It invites the greatest names to come in and hold jam sessions. Warung beach club is a known entity worldwide for organizing some of the hottest and most glamorous and most published parties.

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