Washington, D.C. Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions

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Washington, D.C. Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


If you are planning a vacation to Washington but have limited amount of time, here is a perfect guide for you. Through it, you can cover all the major attractions of DC, have fun and relax.

One can visit the Smithsonian institution building, which is a single institute responsible for the management of all the museums around it. From here one can get the map as well as the detailed information about the museums of DC and can go around exploring these interesting treasures of knowledge and facts.

All museums have something special about them, and require at least six hours to a day, to be completely explored. But if you have shortage of time, cover the major one’s and don’t miss the museum of natural history and especially the gems section in the same and the museum of national air and space.

The most interesting part is that all these museum are for free! Washington has a number of national monuments and memorials. For heritage and history lovers, these can be the ideal spots.

One can visit the Jefferson memorial, Lincoln memorial, George Washington monument which was built to honor General George Washington, memorial built for the Vietnam War soldiers, etc.

The best hours to visit these monuments is at night because it is less crowded, there is beautiful light work that one can witness and one can go for easy parking. But if you are planning on weekend, then you might find the crowd and difficult parking.

One can also see the three houses of US government. One can take a tour to the U.S. Capitol Hill monument, U.S. Supreme Court and the White house. One can gain some knowledge about the division of power in U.S. as well as appreciate the beautiful architecture of these buildings.

Washington, D.C. Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions

In addition to the historical buildings one can also take a tour to the Georgetown, which is the historic waterfront of the capital. It is an interesting place for the shoppers and one can enjoy good food in the restaurants.

For art lovers there are several concerts that can be attended at the Kennedy center or at the wolf trap farm park. One can also enjoy the natural beauty in the Great Falls Park.


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