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Waterproof Look


Waterproof Look - Dramatic Look Mascara Waterproof - Moisturizer - Waterproof Kohl - Waterproof Mascara - Lip Liner » Things required for giving a waterproof look in monsoonsIt is very safe to agree that monsoon is probably the worst time of year to wear makeup. You always have a fear of ending up looking like a raccoon or a clown if anything in your makeup goes awry. So here are the must-haves for this monsoon season that can provide you a perfect waterproof makeup.

Tissues are necessary to wipe away those nasty smudges and smears that rain may cause on your face.

Just a dab of moisturizer can make your skin look glowing. You can even use a bit of moisturizer on your tissue and wipe away your smudged makeup.

Waterproof kohl:
Waterproof kohl adds definition to your eyes and you never have to worry about the smudges.

Waterproof mascara:
Waterproof mascara is the best option during this season. Try to pick the one that lengthens your eye lashes.

Lip liner:
Line your lips with a matching and a good quality lip liner and then fill lips with the same lip liner. This will ensure the color to stay on your lips for a larger period of time.

Waterproof foundation:
Use the foundation as minimal as possible in the monsoon weather. Even if it is needed, make sure you go for a waterproof foundation, meant especially for this season. Just dab and blend in a bit on the areas where it is really required.

Wide toothed comb:
Remember that a normal brush can damage or break your wet hair. So make sure you always carry a wide toothed comb in your bag to untangle your wet hair.

Rubber bands and clips:
It is best to tie your back hair with some clip or rubber band so that they don’t turn unruly during the monsoons due to weather humidity.

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