Ways to control diabetes


Ways to control diabetes


Ways to control diabetes - Diabetic level - Use of olive oil - Non stick pans » Ways to control your diabetesHey do you know that 14th November is celebrated as a world diabetes day throughout the world globally? You will be surprised to read that number of diabetic patients in India doubles from 19 million in 1995 to 40.9 million in 2007. By 2025,this list of diabetic patients may increase to 69.9 million. If you are also suffering by the problem of diabetes, then here are some effective ways written below that can help you to overcome this disease to a major extent-just read them out!

Do you know that the perfect way to control your diabetes is to simply forget about sugar contents? Make sure you skip sugar intake from your diet as much as possible. This is because the up and down in sugar levels affects your diabetic level to a very big extent. If still you have a sweet tooth, go for sweets, which are prepared from the artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

For controlling your diabetes, make sure you put halt on fried foodstuffs. This is because fried foods leads to high intake of fat, which gets deposited in the arteries. So why not you make use of olive oil or mustard oil other than high calories frying oils or desi ghee. Also, make sure you keep a tab on your cooking habits. Try to make as much as use of non-stick pans and replace your deep fried dishes and food with baked, roasted and grilled foodstuffs.

Always avoid taking heavy meals. Try to divide your calories equally as much as possible. Always keep in mind that just because your body needs 1500 calories a day doesn’t mean that you have to get it in one go.

Make sure you incorporate the above step in your lifestyle to control over diabetes n a big way.

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