Weight Loss for Beginners

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Weight Loss for Beginners


Weight issue has become a prime cause of concern for many youngsters. A good number of them are ready to adopt any measures to go slim. But, here lies the risk as shortcuts to health may only give one a temporary solution and never a permanent one. A slow start and a smooth finish is the thumb rule for a healthy weight loss program. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that can help a beginner cut down his extra pounds in a healthy way.

Do keep a food diary and list down whatever you eat and whenever you eat. Note down the foods that you can’t resist. This will help you understand your progress towards achieving the weight loss goal in the future.

Do not bring down the amount of food intake suddenly as it may lead to other complications. Avoid eating sugary, spicy and fatty food items. Instead of heavy meals a time, eat lighter meals at regular intervals. Pay attention to what you eat. Don’t just gulp things down. Enjoy what you eat. Alcohol, soda, red meat, and chocolates should be a strict no-no. Stay away from over cooked or deep fried items as this will kill the food nutrients.

Do enough exercises, as this is one great path towards weight loss. Work out daily for about 20-30 minutes. Walking alone can be highly beneficial to beginners looking to shed weight, as it will increase blood circulation in the body. Apart from walking, beginners can try jogging, swimming or even dancing.

Do not skip your breakfast, else your stomach will start groaning and you may end up having too much food. Keep fresh raw vegetables, fruits and popcorns ready at an easy reach. Have enough vegetables, fruits and water. Half cooked or steamed vegetables, soups and salads are good.

Do diet with your dear ones as this may boost your confidence level and encourage you. If there is someone to support or accompany you, it will always bring positive results.

Do not be a couch potato. Too much time spent in front of the television will bloat you up.

Do sleep well. If not, you will feel too tired the next day. Try to keep your stress levels down. Do yoga or meditation to achieve good results.

Do consult a doctor before starting any weight loss program. You can also check your weight, blood pressure and sugar levels before you start. Seek advice from someone who has taken up the weight loss program earlier and benefitted from it. It will boost your confidence.

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