Weight Loss Methods


Weight Loss Methods


All of us have this dream to shed off the extra pound on our waist line in shortest possible time, for that we try everything possible within our reach to get the desired results, but ultimately only two theories seems to be workingWeight Loss Methods

i) Workout HARD and diet all the time

ii) Workout SMART and eat great food.

Off course, for sure, we all would choose the second option only. There are obvious reasons why it works better too. As it’s all about choosing the right exercises and right foods for smart body success.

One should choose the exercises for which our body continues to burn calorie even after our exercise session is over. This effect is known as ‘after burn effect’ or the exercises that can be performed post oxygen consumption also known as EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). The Rapid Fat loss works on the principle commonly known as 3M Method for Fat Loss.

The 3M stands for:

i)   Multi Planar Movement

ii)  Movement Complex

iii) Muscle Balancing

Multi Planar Movement or 3 D movement: Mostly people exercise in one direction only may be some times in two, but balancing of body structure can not be done in isolation hence we must ensure that we do exercise in all three planes. For example people generally do flat pushups, pull ups, squats or curls, but all this movements are only in forward and backward direction but it should be supported well by side by side movements or rotation exercise.

Movement Complex: The second M talks about the importance of rest break between the exercises. The aerobic capacity of an individual got exhausted while doing the push or pull exercise and hence it is must that we provide perfect rest to our muscles. To ensure this we should follow the set of exercise in following sequence: Squat – Push - Lunge – Pull – Plank.

Muscle Balancing: Finally the third M talks about the importance of symmetry. As it helps our brain to communicate with our muscles and joints. In other words, you cant have big chest and chicken legs or have big shoulders with small biceps. If anything likes this happen, our brain will tell you to stop growing. Hence muscle balancing is most essential to achieve the healthy body.


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