What Is A Detox Diet


What Is A Detox Diet


One of the most popular ways to approach weight loss is through the detox diet. It is much talked about today, and is one of the most definite ways to lose weight. The approach this diet takes is what has made it so appealing to everyone.

Understanding and knowing what this diet does to you can actually help you benefit manifold. The detox diet does not talk about abstaining from foods and meals. It only focuses on taking in adequate proportions of the correct foods to clear the system out and flush toxins out of the body. Once this is done, healthy supplements can be consumed to maintain body functions. To start off, this diet recommends keeping the body on simple foods and fluids. Foods to be taken must be high in water content.

This should be done for a few days until the body is able to get out all wastes and poisons from the body. While starting to give your body its foods, remember to add in lots of vegetables, greens and fibers. Foods like cabbage and celery are ideal since they have negative calories. This means that not only do they add no calories to the food, but they have the tendency to cut calories from other foods that you are consuming. Broccoli is another miracle vegetable.

This is loaded with anti-oxidants and should be added as often as you can to your meals. Although the detox diet has become popular only in recent times, it has been around for centuries. Most people undertake fasts at some time. Most times it is for religious reasons.

What is interesting is that almost every religion existing advocates a fast during some time in the year. Apart from it’s religious significance, a basic underlying principle of the fast is to detoxify the body and cleanse it out completely. While going for the detox diet remember that you must have plenty of fluids. Since most of your intake will comprise of foods high in water, you will be hydrated for most of time.

Water intake should also complement your diet at all times. Have diluted fresh juices with honey, load up on your salad portions, and opt for healthy desserts. There is no need to deny yourself any food completely. Just eat intelligently.

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