When Live TV Interviews Go Hilariously Wrong

When Live TV Interviews Go Hilariously Wrong


Wendy Burch, a reporter for KTLA Morning News, set out early one Fourth of July, wearing a cheery red and white shirt, with her blonde hair gleaming in the sun. Her assignment that morning was to cover the Ironman Competition on Hermosa Beach and, according to a piece she wrote for Huffington Post in 2017, she was excited to spend a few hours of her workday out in the sun. 

As she details in her post, The Hermosa Beach Ironman motto is: "Run, Paddle, Chug!" That was the first red flag that this assignment might be a bit more lively than she'd originally imagined. After each athlete in the competition ran, and then swam, a full mile, they returned to the beach to chug not one beer, not two, but a full six-pack. And Wendy, standing by to interview a few participants, got right in the mix ... literally.

As the participants exalted in their drunken revelry, Burch pulled one guy aside for a live (key word) interview, not realizing he had a literal bullseye with the words "puke here" written on his back in marker. The interview started off smoothly enough, until another man enters the shot and barfs his daily intake of beer and breakfast all over the guy she's interviewing. A good amount of the barf splashes off of the man, who got his wish fulfilled that day, to be sure, and lands on Wendy, sealing her in internet viral video stardom forever. 

When Live TV Interviews Go Hilariously Wrong



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