Wildest Destinations in UK

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Wildest Destinations in UK


Moments spent in the company of nature are always soothing and refreshing. Lying in the lap of nature watching the wild animals and birds will make any person forget their troubles and worries. Nature is always ready to share its peace and love with anyone who decides to make it their friend.

The United Kingdom has numerous Wildlife parks and sanctuaries spread all over its geographical extent. They house a large variety of plants, wild species and marine creatures. You can book a safari or take a tour of these parks on your next vacation. It will make you rejuvenated and the vacation spent amongst the wildlife will stay in your memory forever. Details about some of the parks are provided below. Go through them and decide which park to visit on your next holiday.

Feel The World at South Lakes Wild Animal Park

This conservation zoo is situated Dalton-in-Furness in North West England. This park has countless animals from all over the world including Africa, Asia, Australia, Indonesia, Madagascar, South America etc.  Here you can find the African lion, giraffe, baboon, White rhino, Amur tiger, Black swan, Red kangaroo, Sumatran tiger, White handed gibbon, different kinds of lemurs and monkeys, bear, jaguars, Caribbean flamingos, European White storks and many other animals.

This park offers various animal interactive programs and you also have the option of adopting a wild animal for as less as £10.

Walk With Animals at Knowsley Safari Park

Wildest Destinations in UK

It is one of the oldest safari parks of UK which started its operation in the year 1971. It is located in the borough of Knowsley, Liverpool, England. This park offers a five mile long safari where you have the opportunity of watching animals wandering freely in their huge enclosures. You will be able to see tigers, hunting dogs, lions, camel, bison, White rhino etc. The park does not provide any cars or jeeps and you are required to arrange your own transport.

One can take a walk around their Walkaround area to view groups of giraffes and elephants, otters, meerkats, etc. Visit the Bug House, Lake Farm and catch a show of the amazing sea lions. You can also enjoy the Woodland Walk or take some amusement rides. End the day with mouth watering food from the restaurants inside the park.  The entry fee for the park is £15 per adult person.

Interact With Wild Animals at Curraghs Wildlife Park

This Wildlife Park is situated in the Ballaugh Curraghs, which is a wetland lying in the north-west of the Isle of Man. Curraghs Wildlife Park has an unique offering which enables a person to witness animals from different parts of the world in just 80 minutes. The animals are arranged according to their geographical locations. You can walk around their enclosures watching and interacting with them unless it is some dangerous predator.

Visit the African Bush, Asian Swamp, European Marsh, Amazon Forest, American Trail, the Outback and the Pampas. You will be able to encounter animals like grivet monkey, marsh mongoose, pelicans, Egyptian goose, sika deer, red panda, fishing cat, Siberian chipmunk, eagle owls, king vulture, beavers, otters, raccoon, swans,  roseate cockatoos and cockatiels, kookaburras, Humboldt penguins, guanaco etc.

The park also has a Nature trail and a butterfly trail. Take a walk on these trails and learn about various habitats present. You can also walk down the Butterfly trail and chance upon beautiful butterflies at selected times of the year. Admission price to the park for an adult is £8.40.

Spend Some Leisure Time in West midland Safari park

This safari and leisure park is in Bewdley in Worcestershire, England. Their 4 mile long safari will give you a chance to see animals like Southern white rhino, giraffe, zebra, ellipse waterbuck, reindeer, North American wolves, various species of deer including rare and endangered ones, Asian water buffalo, one horned rhino, Bengal tigers, cheetahs, African wild dogs, African lions, camels, Nilgai and elephants.

West midland Safari Park also has a discovery trail where you can watch shows and encounters with creatures like sea lions, insects and bugs, different kinds of bats, marine animals and reptiles. They feature an interactive walkthrough African village where one can feed goats and sheep and also interact with various kinds of lemurs. An adult will have to pay £13.99 as entry charges. You will have to pay extra for the rides and other attractions.

Feed The Wild Cats at Paradise Wildlife Park

Previously known as the Broxbourne zoo, this family run park was started in the early 1960s in Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, England. You can have a great experience by choosing their special animal programs like feeding the lions and tigers, meeting the red panda and being a zookeeper.

Paradise Wildlife Park also offers weekend packages and daily tour of predators like tigers and lions. These packages can cost anything from £60 to £300. You also have the option of signing up for annual membership.

Take an Overnight Safari at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

Run by the Aspinall Foundation, this 600 acre wildlife park is located near the town of Hythe in Kent, England. Port Lympne hosts over 650 kinds of wild animals which include endangered species like the Atlas lion, Siberian tigers, Bengal Indian tiger, cheetah, snow leopard, wild dogs, African elephants, American bison, axis deer, black rhino, blackbuck antelopes, Malayan tapir, zebra, Nilgai, Przewalski horse, sambar, giraffe, meerkats, ostrich, lemurs, different species of monkeys and  baboons, wild cats etc.

You can opt for a VIP safari which will include an evening or overnight safari and stay at their lodge. One can also try to be a wild animal keeper for a day. The cost of these packages and safaris vary from time to time and can cost you up to £210 for an overnight safari.

Witness African Elephants at Howletts Wild Animal Park

Wildest Destinations in UK

This animal park is also managed by the Aspinall Foundation and is located near Canterbury, Kent. Howletts boasts of having the largest herd of African elephants in the whole of UK. Apart from them one can find Bengal tigers, Siberian tiger, snow leopard, Asiatic wild dogs, Iberian wolf, Pudu, Hog deer, Bongo, black rhino, capybara, anteaters, different species of apes and  monkeys and various kinds of cats.

They provide guided tours of their park. One can also opt for their Experience programs or even learn some wildlife photography under their day long photography course. The entry tickets can be booked online. The price of admission for an adult person is £19.95. You are sure to have a great time in any of these parks spread over UK. Let the wildlife from different parts of the world awe and amaze you on your next vacation. Make your choice and let the fun begin.

Wildest Destinations in UK

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