Spicy Pickles Recipe

Spicy Pickles Recipe

Spicy Pickles Recipe - Amla Pickle Recipe - Bitter Gourd Pickle - Lemon Pickle Recipe » Tangy and spicy picklesAmla pickle

3 kg amla, 30 gm cloves, 150 gm mustard seeds, 50 gm white jeera, 7 ½ ml oil, 75 gm black jeera, 75 gm red chilly, 50 gm cardamom, 75 gm saunf, 125 gm salt, 125 gm coriander powder

Wash the amla and boil them in water in a pan till its rind gets soft. Afterwards, take it off from the flame.

Later add all the seasonings in it – saunf, cardamom, cloves, white jeera, mustard seeds, black jeera, salt, chilies along with oil in a big container.
Keep the pickle aside for 4-5 days.
Your pickle is ready to eat.

Bitter gourd pickle

kg g bitter gourd, 0 gm rock salt, 20 gm ajwain, 10 gm jeera, 15 gm black jeera, pinch of hing, some javitri, some sheetal sugar, cardamom, 10 gm javaarvar, mint, 500 gm mustard oil, coriander powder, amla, methi, salt to taste

Peel off the bitter gourd. Make a nice centre slit in the middle of the bitter gourd.

Prepare nice dry masala using all the ingredients together and fill the same in the centre of bitter gourd. Keep all the bitter gourds under the sun.
Pour them into container and add mustard oil to them and keep under the fresh air.

Keep the container aside for a week and then you can start using it.

Lemon pickle

2 kg lemon, 500 ml mustard oil, 250 gm salt, pinch of hing, 30 gm methi powder

Chop the lemon into small pieces.
Heat the oil in a pan and splutter hing in it. Now pour this oil over the chopped lemons. Keep it aside under the sun.

Pour the lemon in container and don’t forget to keep the container under the sun for 4-5 days.
Your lemon pickle is ready.

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