Working On Computers

Working On Computers

Working On Computers - Ways To Reduce Eye Strain At Your Computer - Home Remedy For Eye Strain Caused by Computers » Working on computers-Read this out!Undoubtedly working on computer screen for long hours can be very tiring and irritating for your eyes. It is indeed important for everyone that they maintain a proper distance plus follow certain precautions when working on computer to avoid eye straining. Some of such precautions as well as ways for avoiding eye-straining are mentioned below- just read them out!

Make sure that the brightness of the screen should be the same intensity as the lightning in the room. Increase the font size for easier reading. If you experience ‘flickering’ sensation from your computer screen, try lowering the screen’s brightness control or increase the ‘refresh’ rate.

If you need to work on the computer for long hours at a stretch, position your computer monitor or laptop so that you are not looking at the screen straight on. Your eyes are designed to work in position of ‘depressed convergence’. The top of the screen should not be higher than your eyes. You should be viewing the screen at a slight downward angle.

Also pay attention to your diet. Cut down the large meals. It simply slows you down and loses concentration. Small meals, preferably non-oily, at regular short intervals are far better. Cut down the excess tea or coffee. It only gives temporary boost.

For reducing eye strain and keeping your eyes in healthy state, here are some homely remedies for the same. Add 1 tsp of triphala powder to ½ cup water and mix well. Wash your eyes with this in the morning. It’s an effective eye cleanser.

When your eyes feel strained, closed gently and place cotton pads soaked in cool rosewater over them. Relax for 10 minutes. This has a cooling effect and is very good for tired eyes. You can do this every night, before turning in. health

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