Yeast Free Diet

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Yeast Free Diet


Yeast free diet or candid free diet is intended to eliminate yeast growth from the body. In order to get notable results, the patient has to follow this diet for up to six weeks.Yeast Free Diet

Certain yeast grows normally with in the human body without causing any trouble but when there is a disturbance in body balance these yeasts grows excessively and creates problems.

The body imbalance happens mainly when people take antibiotics to kill the harmful bacteria, cortisone medications, birth control pills or when they face stress or when the immune system of the patient weakens.

Under such circumstances the population of beneficial bacteria that controls the yeast growth gets affected resulting in over multiplication of the yeast leading to infections such vaginal yeast infection, thrush etc. This condition can be checked by altering the diet to a yeast free diet.

Foods to be Avoided

Certain foods promote the growth of fungus within the body and such foods should be avoided from the diet. All foods that contain yeast such as spoiled food, fermented food, foods containing sugar, starch, alcohol etc should be eliminated from the diet.

Yeasty Foods

Breads, pastries, cookies, rolls, pretzels etc along with all food items that contain bread has to be eliminated. Vinegar containing foods, wine, spirits, beer, beverages and fermented foods also has to be ruled out.

Moldy Foods

Cheese, pickled or smoked meats, cured bacon, peanuts, mushrooms, pistachios, soy sauce, malt, canned tomatoes, pre-packed teas and herbs etc

Sugary Foods

Grapes, raisins, prunes, figs, dates, processed sugar, dried fruits, fruit juices, soft drinks, maple syrup, honey, high fructose corn syrup and chocolates

Starchy Foods

Potatoes and corns are more likely to promote yeast growth in the body.

Foods that are Permitted

The most attraction of this diet is that it does not limit the quantity of the diet and people can eat as much as they can. The following are the foods that are permitted during this period.

Consume rice, rice pasta, rice flour, corn flour and avoid wheat flours. Grilled or baked chicken, beef, fish, sea food, eggs, quiches etc can be consumed but make sure they are not spoiled.

As long as the vegetables are fresh and firm they are safe to use. While taking fruits care should be taken to avoid high sugar fruits as it promotes yeast growth. Also discourage the use of dried fruits as it may contain yeast.

Apple, cherry, crabapple, apricot, avocado, peach, pear, raspberry, squash, melons etc are ideal to eat. Similarly all seeds and nuts are yeast free. Drink plenty of water along with taking all these foods to get the best result faster.

Yeast Free Diet

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