Dry Elbows


Dry Elbows


Dry Elbows - Lemon Juice Skin - Dry Elbow Skin - Dry Skin Care » How to Take Care of Dry ElbowsDo you have rough and scaly elbows that crack due to dryness? Elbows and knees are more prone to dryness and thus require proper care and attention to stay soft and healthy. This article will provide some simple ways by which you can take care of your dry elbows.

Just like you take care of your facial beauty, you also need to take care of your elbow’s health. Most of us wait for our elbows to become dry and cracked before we pay attention to them. However, you should be proactive and moisturize and nourish your elbows regularly to prevent them from drying out.

Exfoliating your elbows will help you get rid of dead skin and the dullness caused by it. For scrubbing your elbows, use salt or sugar scrubs and avoid use of alcohol based products. Don’t use harsh products on your elbows. Instead, you should regularly use a gentle cleanser to keep your elbows naturally soft and healthy.

You need a good quality moisturizer for your elbows. Use a moisturizer at regular intervals to avoid your elbows from becoming dry and cracked. Application of olive and almond oil is beneficial. If you have dry elbows, then you should apply a thick moisturizer on your elbows at night and wear a full sleeved shirt.

Lemon is extremely beneficial for your elbows. All you need to do is to squeeze lemon juice on your elbows. You can also make a paste by mixing lemon juice with salt and then apply that paste on your elbows to have naturally clean and soft elbows.

People suffering from skin problems like psoriasis also complain of dry and cracked elbows. For such conditions, you must use creams prescribed by your doctor for the treatment of such skin allergies and infections.
Follow the above given tips to keep your elbows clean, soft, moisturized, and healthy.

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